Get Relief from Neuropathy and Nerve Pain

Are you tired of managing your neuropathy with medication?  Learn how our clinic treats the cause of the problem to get incredible results for our patients.

    Dealing with peripheral neuropathy can sometimes feel hopeless.  Many of our patients are experiencing pain or numbness all the time and are worried about what will happen if their neuropathy gets worse.  Loss of balance is often a significant problem as neuropathy becomes severe, leading to loss of mobility and the danger of falling.  There is good news!  When we determine the cause of your neuropathy and treat the problem, most patients experience significant improvement.

Regenerative Neuropathy Treatment in San Diego

    Many patients we evaluate have been told that their neuropathy cannot be improved or that it has advanced too significantly for noteable relief.  The reality is that it is rarely too late to reach substantial improvement from your current symptoms.  Our innovative neuropathy restoration program has a very high success rate, even in instances of advanced nerve related pain and symptoms.

    If you are reviewing neuropathy treatment options online you have likely already been diagnosed by another doctor, or you are concerned that the symptoms you are experiencing are the result of peripheral neuropathy.  Many new patients we see have been taking Gabapentin or Lyrica for years while their condition continues to worsen.  Don't wait any longer to address this condition.  Our doctor Joe Szafranski, DC would love to meet with you, review the details of your syptoms, and get you moving toward improvement and reduced pain.

San Diego Pain Relief for Neuropathy

    Sometimes our patients have experienced the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy for years before getting a diagnosis and treatment once the condition became severe.  Many times this starts with some occasional numbness, but progresses into frequent pain, burning and the feeling of pins and needles.  Many doctors have difficulty identifying and offering effective treatment for neuropathy.  Dr. Szafranski has years of experience in successfully diagnosing and treating patients with nueropathy.


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