Knee Pain Relief and Restoration in San Diego

    Discover how thousands of people with severe knee pain, all over the country, have been able break the cycle of PT and medication, avoid surgery, and now are living pain-free after a new kind of knee pain treatment.

    Are you missing out on the activities you love because you can’t get your knee pain under control?  Are you avoiding trips to the store or avoiding stairs to protect your knees?  Sometimes weight loss, avoiding strenuous activities, and physical therapy rehabilitation may not be enough to improve your knee pain.

    If therapies, knee braces, medications, injections, or even SURGERY, have not allowed you to live mostly pain-free and reasonably active, then you may be a good candidate for our Restorative Knee Program.  This highly effective treatment protocol has helped hundreds of patients across the country eliminate their pain and avoid knee replacement surgery.

New Technology is Allowing Knee Patients to Avoid Injections or Surgery and Stay Active

The following knee symptoms may start gradually, but often worsen over time:

  • Pain with tenderness and swelling
  • Locking of the knee joint
  • Popping or cracking in the knee
  • Reduced motion
  • Pain when you wake up, or after inactivity
  • Pain using stairs or squating
  • Discomfort when walking

What is Knee Decompression Treatment?

    Knee decompression works by gently separating the joint space between the bottom of the femur (upper knee) and the top of the tibial plateau (lower knee) creating a vacuum effect within the knee which brings in nutrient-rich fluids to the knee joint using our "Knee on Trac" technology. The new fluid brings healing factors to the damaged joint, allowing it to heal from the inside, over time. It's similar to giving your car the oil that it needs. This also creates stretching in the ligaments, tendons and other soft tissue of the knee joint. This process helps to regain some of the natural cushioning or joint space of your knee.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

    Our clinic utilizes the best proven technologies in knee decompression and several other healing modalities in our powerful, Restorative Knee Program.  Dr. Szafranski is trained in knee decompression and he is always pursuing the best new approaches to non-surgical knee restoration. 

    Our patients typically enjoy significant relief quickly, without the need for prescription medication or surgical intervention thanks to this powerful equipment in our clinic.  Our patients are seeing increased energy and the ability to use their knee again in activities that had been put on hold because of their significant knee pain prior to starting our program.

We’re Here For You

    Almost all of the patients who we can help will experience relief on the day of their first treatment session.  We EXPECT results within one treatment or we likely won't accept that patient for the Restorative Knee Program.

    Do you feel frustrated or anxious about your ongoing knee pain?  Please don't wait any longer to start your path toward relief and regaining your freedom!

    Find out if our Restorative Knee Program will work for you by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Joe Szafranski, DC.  Call our office at (619) 393-KNEE or (619) 393-5633 to book your appointment today!