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El Cajon Personal Injury Treatment El Cajon Personal Injury Treatment

Motor vehicle accidents occur every ten seconds in this country.  Injuries resulting from these accidents are the primary cause of all injuries for people in the U.S. under 35 years old.  Every car accident has the potential for serious muscle, ligament, and spinal injury.  These injuries, if untreated, can create chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and even fibromyalgia.  If you or a loved one has suffered an injury as the result of a motor vehicle accident, you should consider consulting with an experienced personal injury chiropractor as soon as possible.  In some cases, there is a statute of limitations or expiration date by which treatment can be considered attributable to your accident and fully covered without a cost to you.

El Cajon Personal Injury Attorneys

El Cajon Personal Injury Attorney

Many times an accident causes extensive damage to property, vehicles, and in bodily injury.  When damage is substantial many patients seek an attorney to help coordinate between insurance companies, body shops, hospitals, and other treatment facilities.  Our office works with dozens of personal injury attorneys around El Cajon, La Mesa, and San Diego.  We have a list of professional, caring, and diligent attorneys around the city who can help if you decide to manage your case with a lawyer.

   Attorneys, what you can expect from our clinic is proper documentation, evaluation, re-evaluation, imaging, and specialist work as necessary and appropriate.  Our clinic is open 5 days a week, and we do see patients on off days under special appointments and circumstances like acute injury.  Also, our clinic is located immediately next to the I-8 freeway with easy access for clients from El Cajon, La Mesa, Alpine, Santee, and Spring Valley.  We provide complete, all-encompassing reports within 2 weeks of the treatment completion for all our patients involved in an auto accident.  We are happy to work with your needs, and we provide workshops and training in the most current developments in personal injury case management.

Auto Accident Pain

Personal Injury In El Cajon Personal Injury In El Cajon

If you have been injured from an auto accident, we understand the difficulty and pain of the event.  A serious auto accident is one of the most unsettling events anyone can experience.  An average of more than 115 people die in auto accidents in the U.S. daily. In your lifetime, it is likely you will be involved in at least one auto collision.  More than a quarter of us in the U.S. have been involved in a crash in the last 5 years.  Auto accident injury is frequently serious and often includes whiplash, TMJ, joint and muscle injuries, head and brain injury, even paralysis. 

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El Cajon Auto Injury Treatment

When you are involved in an auto accident you should always seek an evaluation from someone with expertise in Musculo-Skeletal Injury.  Unfortunately this is not usually your general practitioner or ER doctor.  A Chiropractor with Personal Injury training can identify injuries that sometimes go unseen for 5 years or more.  It is important to identify and treat injuries from a car accident immediately.  These unseen injuries are typically Whiplash, Ligament Tearing, Muscle Tearing, Neck Sprain, Disc Herniations, or Disc Bulges.  The Chiropractor at Parkway Wellness Center is specifically trained in Personal Injury to prevent the development of lifelong injury.  Call us today for a free consultation.  Treatment is often provided at no cost to patients because you are entitled to treatment completely paid by either your auto insurance or the auto insurance of the other driver.

Whiplash And Auto Injury Pain

El Cajon Whiplash and Auto Injury Pain El Cajon Whiplash and Auto Injury Pain

   Whiplash and Spinal Injury are very real injuries that occur anytime you are involved in a car accident over 12 miles per hour.  That's right, just 12 miles per hour AND even if you were completely stopped you must consider the speed of the other car involved. 

   So WHAT IS WHIPLASH?  Whiplash is spinal damage that occurs when your neck rapidly moves into full flexion and extension (head down and back).  Why is Whiplash so damaging?  Because it involves the actual tearing of structures in the spine, specifically ligaments and tendons.  Ligaments hold the bones of your neck in place and when they tear it allows individual vertebrae to slide.  This injury causes arthritis and chronic pain over time.  Sometimes these injuries do not cause longterm pain until 5 to 12 years after the auto accident.  Whiplash can cause chronic pain and even fibromyalgia years later.  If you have been injured in an accident please call us right away to get a no cost consultation with our Personal Injury Expert Chiropractor!