Chiropractic Keeps Athletes As Top Performers

2011 Women's Masters Champ!

   There is no doubt about it, being competitive in athletics is hard on your body.  When you want to ask the most from your body you must give it something in return.  That something is routine maintenance and some TLC.  World class athletes maintain their top level fitness through Chiropractic, massage, stretching, coaching, and keeping a powerful mindset.  All of these things are essential to be a top performer.

   Dr Szafranski delivers world class care to athletes because that is what is needed to perform at the highest levels.  Dr Joe lives a very active lifestyle with running, weight training, crossfit, yoga, and surfing so he understands the demands on an athlete's body.  Dr Szafranski combines multiple approaches to deliver the best care to our patient-athletes.  Parkway Wellness Center  uses a combination of muscle release, massage, and corrective Chiropractic to give athletes the best possible approach to healing and performance.

El Cajon Chiropractor At 2012 Crossfit Games

   Parkway Wellness Center is pleased to say that Dr Joe has been on the team of Chiropractors delivering care to the World Championships of Crossfit, The Crossfit Games, for 2 years in a row now.  The title bestowed to the champions at the competition is "World's Fittest Man" and "World's Fittest Woman" and it really is true.  These athletes are at the top of their fitness to compete and they use everything they can to give their body an edge.

   That means that these athletes are stretching, getting coaching, eating near perfectly, getting adjusted, getting massage, using oxygen chambers, and fine tuning their daily regimins.  All these things must be in place to become a world champion.  Parkway Wellness Center is honored to be a small part of this movement towards the ultimate goal, World's Fittest Athlete!

El Cajon Chiropractor Serves SDSU Cheer Team

   Cheer and gymnastics are extremely demading on your muscles, joints, and whole body as an athlete.  Dr Joe has been working with cheer teams for several years to help relieve some of the stresses on the body and prevent injury. 

   SDSU Cheer has been working hard the past few years to secure a national title as champions.  The teams are deeply committed to intese practice and personal training to reach the championship level.  Parkway Wellness Center provides weekly care to these athletes to aid in this inspiring effort.